Health. Community. Respect.


Our mission is to provide our community with health and wellness opportunities in a fun and safe community setting. Through the teaching of proper exercise, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle behaviors, health can be improved and chronic disease prevented.

For those of you who do not know us or what we do, Raise the Bar (Tuscola County Health Initiative) is a non-profit fitness center with the goal of bringing healthy lifestyles and fitness to the Tuscola County area. We are born from a need for fitness. Our previous gym, Mission 1, had to close its doors due to the owners' trying to juggle two very busy businesses. The members of that gym were heartbroken and did not want to see their ability to fitness leave the Caro area, so collectively, they formed a non-profit corporation, to do just that, keep fitness happening in Caro. We opened our doors officially in January 2019, and hope to remain viable for a very long time. Currently, we have five Board Members, who act as day-to-day managers. These positions are voluntary so as to keep costs to a minimum. We do this because we believe that every person in the Tuscola County area should have access to functional fitness in a community-type facility, where all fitness levels are welcome. We are diverse and have all been fitnessing for various amounts of time and for various reasons.

It is Raise the Bar's goal to help anyone who has the desire or willingness to try a new fitness program that can truly change how you feel about yourself and your life! Come see us today!